Need to Know About Your Labor & Employment Law Rights

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The employment is not just about working hours and getting paid on time, there are various labor and employment rights that you are entitled to. The law makes sure that you are safe and enjoy your workplace, but it’s your responsibility to be aware and check for any violation of such rights.

As a part of your job offering, you are asked to sign an employment contract. You need to go through the terms and conditions mentioned in it thoroughly to make sure nothing is against the laws. Here are a few quick things that you need to know regarding your labor and employment law rights right from the desk of finest Labor lawyers Los Angeles.

  • Job Discrimination Is Unacceptable: The law ensures that no employee is discriminated based on any grounds.
    • Discrimination Based On Age: Although there may be certain jobs that require a particular age group employees, the law suggests that no employee should be discriminated based on their age.
    • Discrimination Based On Person’s Background: The law prohibits any discrimination in hiring, firing, and payments based on the person’s caste, creed, race, religion or nationalism.
    • Discrimination Based On Gender: The Equal Pay Act (EPA) specifies that an organization cannot pay a different amount to an employee just because of their gender. If a particular task requires the same set of skills, efforts and time, you are entitled to be paid equally to.
    • Discrimination Based On Disability: According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that no qualified employee with disabilities should be treated differently. The term ‘qualified employee’ suggests those who are able to perform their duties and responsibilities with or without any reasonable accommodations.

If you are facing any sort of discrimination, it’s time to act for your the good. Search for some Employment Discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles or whatever city you reside in and fight for your right.

  • Overtime And Minimum Wage Laws: The law sets standard terms and conditions regarding minimum wages, work hours and overtime for the employees. There need to be certain acceptable working hours that are mutually agreeable by you and your employer. If you are working with an organization that offers even better conditions, then those provisions will be applied. Otherwise, the standards will be applicable in case of your employment contract terms are unfavorable.
  • Regulations Regarding Leaves: As an employee, you are allowed to take certain paid as well as unpaid leave, without actually violating your work contract.
    • You are entitled to take 10 to 15 working days’ paid leaves every year.
    • The company cannot deny leaves for emergency cases regarding health or family issues. This can include the cases when you need to take care of your sick child or parents going through serious health issues.
    • The law has made certain amendments relating to maternity leave, extending it to almost four months. You can even claim for the payment from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
  • Workplace Harassment In An Offense: Any type of harassment or bullying within the organization is an offensive act. Your employer has certain obligations to ensure your safety from such acts. If you witness any sort of sexual abuse, you should start with filing a complaint to get the help. If no action is taken by the authorities and the situation seems to be going out of your hands, you can always take help from a Sexual Harassment lawyer.
  • Workplace Safety: The organizations need to assure the safety of the workers by providing proper equipment and taking measures to avoid any potential hazards. Along with the safety measures, you are entitled to employment insurance to compensate for any mishap.
  • Termination And Notice Period: In case you are terminated from the company due to any reason, you have the right to know about it and informed in advance to make necessary arrangements or look for another job. If you believe you are being laid off due to some unsound reasons, look for wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles or the city where your organization was situated in.

Working is fun as long as you are safe and your rights are secured. As a wise employee, you should be aware of the rights as well as responsibilities concerned with your role. This will keep you satisfied and help you serve better.