Psychological And Emotional Impact Of A Court Case

court room

Litigation is expensive and can drag on for what seems like a lifetime. Despite obtaining its desirable outcome, the process itself can leave the concerned parties worn, emotional torn and psychologically tired, not to mention the economic ramifications thereof.

Legally Blonde and burnt out

Legal practitioners are expected to adhere to a strict code of ethics that prioritizes their clients’ wellbeing. This ethical and professional responsibility involves preparing their client for the stress that they may endure as a result Read More

Starting A Personal Injury Claim in New Jersey

Starting a Personal Injury Claim

As one of the most experienced teams of personal injury lawyers in New Jersey, Callagy Law understands the importance of seeking legal counsel before making any decisions. In the hours and days following your accident, common – and understandable – mistakes can impact your ability to pursue full compensation for your injuries. Take the steps necessary to protect your rights.

Some legal concepts to be aware of as you consider filing a personal injury claim:

No Fault

New Jersey is a no Read More

How to Find the Best Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Near You


There is no shortage of personal injury attorneys in Florida. When you are in need of representation, it could not be easier to find a lawyer. A simple Google search yields tens of thousands of possibilities. Finding the right lawyer to advocate for you, though, is a different matter. It can feel overwhelming: after all, this is a person who you trust to act in your best interest and help you navigate an exceptionally difficult time in your life. How do you narrow down the options and Read More

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Explained

Applying For Work Injury Compensation

Workers’ compensation is like insurance for employees who suffer accidents in the line of work. These include medical benefits and wage replacement. In the UAE, the employment law, the law regulating labor relations, governs employer-employee relations in the private sector. The Dubai labor law outlines the main employment aspects such as working hours, sick and annual leave, maternity leave, public holidays, and termination of employment according to the contract.

Dubai Labor Law Exceptions

Employees Read More

Sustained Spinal Cord Injury in Your Workplace

Spinal Cord Injury

There are many debilitating injuries that one can sustain from work. These injuries can be as apparent as a wound or a fracture while some are not as evident and can only be felt by the victim. These injuries can happen anytime during work, from picking up a pen from the floor to getting into an accident while driving the company car. One of the most common examples of these types of injuries is a spinal Read More